What to Do When You Are in a Car Accident

by | May 17, 2023

Car accidents happen out of nowhere, and whatever side you may be, take a moment to recover from the shock and compose yourself. Your next actions can dramatically impact your future situation.

Check your safety. Inspect your body for injuries so you can call 911 immediately for help. If you have passengers, check their consciousness and injuries as well. If you can move, get to safety by the side of the road. If the car is safe to drive and is dangerously positioned on the road, you can pull it to the side.

If you are severely injured, do not move. Try to get help and attention. Wait for emergency personnel before doing anything drastic.

If you can, check on the well-being of the other party or parties. Assess their safety and volunteer to call for assistance. While waiting for medical relief, you can exchange information with the other driver to keep in touch, but at the onset, avoid discussing fault.

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