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Our Mission and Vision

Since 1996 when our firm was established, our mission has been to provide extraordinary services with empathy and ethics. We have a clear vision of fulfilling our clients’ expectations by providing personalized legal services that yield positive results. We believe that extraordinary results require extraordinary actions. Simply stated, our mission and vision are to provide the best possible representation for each of our clients, mindful that each person or group of persons is unique and therefore demands a unique and individualized plan of representation. We understand that focus, diligence, discipline, and hard work are only part of the equation of a successful representation. Therefore, we also ensure that our case analysis and evaluation involve multidisciplinary, practical, and real-world perspectives. We seek to know who you are, where you come from, and where you are going. These enable us to determine what to do and how to do it right. We believe that it is our duty to explain to our clients all the legal aspects and implications of their cases, and it is their duty to tell us about themselves, their particular situations, their needs, and, yes, their expectations and dreams. With these and their participation, we create a unique strategy for representing them effectively. Sounds too good to be true? Try us.


How have we done this? We have created a unique legal practice model that blends a small firm’s personalized and one-on-one relationship with the broad expertise and gravitas of a multidisciplinary large law practice. We use our broad knowledge of the law to properly screen and select our cases. We also rely on our established strategic working relationships with various reputable lawyers and law firms who would gladly work with us or accept cases from us if or when we decide to involve them. Therefore, we are not generalists. We are “specialized strategic selectivists.”

Our Values

Our practice is instructed and informed by our values: gratitude, empathy, integrity, discipline, loyalty, continuous and never-ending education, and improvements.

Our Fees

As an immigration lawyer in Silver Spring, Maryland, we would provide high-quality professional services at rates that most attorneys with our experience and expertise would. However, if you decide to hire us to represent you, know that we would endeavor to provide you with the most cost-effective representation and would be willing to work with you regarding the legal fees.

Our Promise

If you decide to have our work for and with you, we will demonstrate why our clients are very satisfied with our representation. We will work not only on your case but with you by listening and effectively communicating. We will ask you to hold us accountable and demand results. Many of our clients have ended up being friends of our firm.

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