The Paths to Becoming a US Citizen

by | May 24, 2023

Becoming a recognized citizen of a country grants individual privileges and responsibilities simultaneously. While the rules for each country differ, in the US, there are four different ways to become a United States citizen.

The first path is to be born in the country. Anyone born within the jurisdictional boundaries of the country is considered a US citizen by birth. On the other hand, individuals who were born outside the country may still be able to acquire US citizenship at birth if some criteria are met. Both parents of the individual were US citizens by the time the person was born, and that either one of them has resided in the US for any amount of time. If only one of the parents is a US citizen, the child may still be able to acquire citizenship if that parent lived for five years in the US by the time the child was born.

An individual may also become a US citizen by the naturalization of their parents or through naturalization after becoming a permanent resident. Criteria in each route should be complied with by the individual.

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